Boxer Dog Names: Finding the Perfect Fit


The day you bring a Boxer puppy into your home, you will be adding a family member with a personality distinctly its own. And dogs with character traits as strong as those of the Boxer breed deserved to have strong names as well.

That does not mean that you have to choose from Boxer dog names borrowed from the ranks of ancient German kings and queens, although Attila, Otto, Clovis, and Clothdile are certainly fitting.

And there are the names of the great legendary and operatic German figures, which as Boxer dog names would do justice to your fearless companion: Sigmund, Volund, Siegfried, or Fafner for your male puppy, or if you have a female, Brunhilde or Freya.

The physical characteristics of the Boxer breed, with its torso of solid muscle and the jaw strength to hold a charging bull do seem to lend themselves to an equally strong Boxer dog names.

But belying its strength and courage is the Boxer breed’s fun-loving, sociable personality. Boxers, more than any other dogs, retain their puppy playfulness long after they have physically matured. So you might consider Boxer dog names reflecting your dog’s comic side.

Martin Schneider is a German comedian best known for his large mouth and expressive face, characteristics he shares with every Boxer dog. So how about “Schneider”? You can easily find names and pictures of other German comedians, both male and female, and see if any of them are a good match for your canine clown.

Keeping in mind that, if your Boxer puppy lives its expected life span of ten to twelve years, you are likely to call it by name between thirty-five and forty thousand times, you might look for Boxer dog names that are easy to pronounce.

You may be an aviation fan, and really want to call your Boxer “Baron von Richtoffen” after the great World War I German fighter pilot. But if you do, the odds are that very soon your dog will be answering to “Baron” or “Ricky”. “Baron” suggests a very dignified dog, while “Ricky” does not. So make sure that what you actually end up calling your boxer is as good a choice of Boxer dog names as the one you originally picked.

And if you intend to register your Boxer puppy, you will have to come up with a unique name which has no more than twenty-five characters. That means it will have to be different in some way from all the thousands of Boxer dog names belonging to previously registered animals.

So take time to get to know your Boxer puppy before letting it become attached to a name that does not really capture its spirit. Your Boxer’s name should be as special as you dog!


Source by Rob Bogie

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