2017 Summer Outdoor Furniture Trends


2017 Outdoor Furniture trends are up in news these days. There are some intriguing style trends emerging for home, and this includes the outdoor spaces of the property, such as the yard, garden, patio, and porch. Outdoor furniture has extended far beyond the mismatched, disposable chairs and chaises of years gone by, and new, inventive furnishings are taking it’s place. Some of the unique styles seen include themed pieces displaying modern materials, intricate patterns, and international flavor (source: The Courier-Journal, “Your Space | Outdoor furniture trends). For instance, Asian-inspired furnishings make exemplary outdoor pieces due to the minimalist style and stream-lined size. These contemporary furnishings may include simple conversation tables, loungers, and seating, earmarked by their clean and sleek appearance in solid, durable materials.

Some other things to keep in mind when styling your outdoor spaces include the following:

Design and durability.

The range of options should include contemporary outdoor furnishings that promise to last for years to come, and that will hold up to the rigors of outdoor living and entertaining. Seek out wood and metal pieces, modern or vintage-inspired, to create a scheme that will accommodate family, friends, and function for long-lasting appeal and longevity.

Trendy, yet timeless items.

It may make the most sense to invest in a timeless, traditional furniture set that will be stylish in various configurations and with a range of accent pieces. It is possible to create ambiance with accents and details that will elevate the atmosphere of the space, creating a comfortable, restorative setting (source: House Beautiful, “50 Outdoor Room & Patio Ideas,”). Some ideas that will make a dramatic impact on the mood and feeling of the space include investing in fireplaces and unique lighting features, which bring warmth to the outdoor area. Buying a high-quality, basic outdoor living set may be a practical approach to building a foundation for the space that can be altered and modified in a wide range of ways.

Easy-to-care for furnishings.

Don’t make the mistake of putting interior furnishings outside; chances are good that the piece will quickly fade and deteriorate, compromised by moisture and the elements of outdoor living. Buy pieces that are distinctly made with the outdoors in-mind, and that will hold up to nature and the weather. Be sure that choices are easy to clean and maintain, too.

Cohesion with the natural surroundings.

When furnishing the exteriors of the home, it is important to keep choices in line with the natural environment. Create cohesion and symmetry, rather than sharp contrasts that can distract from the relaxing and serene atmosphere being sought. A great option for maintaining this tricky balance may be found with outdoor Adirondack chairs. These comfortable, ergonomically-friendly seats are a real winner when it comes to outfitting the patio, porch, or other sanctuary (source: Terra Patio, “Adirondacks & Rockers,”). Teak furniture has come a long way in recent years, and teak Adirondack chairs are now stylish, streamlined, and sophisticated.

Take care to style the outdoors of the home as carefully as one might design the interiors; use fine furnishings that meld with the natural environment and that provide comfortable longevity to the buyer. Create a sanctuary in the yard, garden, or patio that is pleasing to the eye, and that provides the perfect respite at the end of the day.


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